Hardware and software design


Develop both custom and commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software products


Consultancy on IT solutions, hardware and software design projects and outsourcing


Quick and reliable support and maintenance for all our products and services

Custom products to fit your exact need

Both hardware and software custom products made for general or specific purposes. A great alternative when commercial off-the-shelf products just don’t cut it or are too expensive. 



A variety of services designed around the client whether you’re looking to subscribe to one of our services or design a whole now one.  

Exciting projects

Projects, with considerable potential, that are under development with their broad application in mind. 

who can benefit from our services and products?

Financial Institutions/ Departments

Cheque issuance and payment tracking software that ensures error free cheque issuance and traceable transaction.


Inventory and resource handling systems to keep track of stock, sale and payments.


Hospital management system that enables quick hustle free visit for the patients and reliable, organized and efficient working environment for the hospital staff.

Manufacturing Plants

Custom automation solutions that significantly reduce inefficiency and safety hazards.

Shopping Malls\Business Centers

A management system that simplifies functionalities like space, asset, staff and lease management as well as administration and planning


Hotel management system that facilitates the management of hotel operations such as booking front office, sales, and resource management

what can we do for you?

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"We have been using the cheque issuance and payment tracking software to print cheques, CPOs, payment vouchers and confirmation letters. From the day we started using the software, we were able to get continuous support and maintenance."
MOHA Soft Drinks Industry S.C. Summit Plant Finance Manager
"As we are much satisfied with their product, we have signed service level agreement to get their continuous maintenance support."
B.G.I Ethiopia Financial Planning and Control Manager
We've worked closely with the Korenti team while HMS was being developed to our specific need. We are very satisfied by the end result and continued support.
Dr Kamila Specialized Pediatrician Clinic